"If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way!"
- Napoleon Hill

While starting this venture, we wanted it to be more than just a place where you can find Designer & Protective Outfits for your Gadgets. We wanted it to have an Social Impact. Something which not only benefits the Society, but also helps Mother Nature.

In our Quest to make an impact, we came across an Innovative like-minded Serial Social Entreprenuer, Laxmi Menon, who has addressed the same issue in an extremely innovative way.

Meet, Entrée, Laxmi Menon’s creation which makes us rethinks what a pen can do. Entrée is a Paper Pen made out of Recycling waste paper at Printing Presses. Innovation doesn’t stop at it just being a Paper Pen, it comes with a indigenously placed seed of Agastya Tree at its bottom. We all have been guilty of throwing away our plastic pens after use either in dustbins or just anywhere. These Entrée Pens, can grow into a sapling wherever they find soil and water. Voila ! what a great Idea ! Just take a look at the impact this invention has:

1. Plastic Pens add to Environmental Pollution as they do not find their way back to recycling plants, and are not bio-degradable.

2. Entrée does not use new paper, instead it recycles waste paper and is Bio-Degradable.

3. If by any chance you happen to throw or misplace this pen, or it happens to find itself in garbage, it shall sprout into a Tree wherever it finds soil and water. Best, if you could plant it yourself after use.

4. It employs women and paraplegic persons from underprivileged backgrounds to make these pens thus enabling them to live a dignified life.

We at Gadget Outfits salute Laxmi Menon for this amazing innovation which helps not only Society but also Mother Nature and we pledge to give 1 Entrée Pen Free with every order to ensure that it reaches every corner of the country and our buyers have a proud feeling that they have contributed positively towards a better and dignified Life for Women and Paraplegic persons from underprivileged backgrounds along with reducing plastic waste and encouraging re-cycling and up-cycling of paper.